Fire, ice, and...skiing. Iceland 2017.

Among other things, Iceland is known for volcanoes and glaciers. But not necessarily the skiing. While the Troll Peninsula has a bit more of a ski scene, the Westfjords -- that claw shaped bit of Iceland to the far northwest -- is not a scene at all. Which is part of why I love it. And the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, the northernmost peninsula just off the Arctic Circle is rarely visited in winter. The mountains here are a mix of jagged seaside cliffs and plateau-topped mountains rising straight out of the water. It's a stark landscape and the ski terrain is infinite from broad, rolling valleys to steep summit-to-sea couloirs.

This was my second year aboard Aurora Arktika. Each trip feels like the trip of a lifetime and I'm already looking forward to next year!

Click on the photos below for details.

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