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I'm on a podcast...the Alps and Meters Podcast with DAN EGAN!

Summer 2021

When I was preparing for my AMGA ski guide exams, I wanted to make sure my movement skills, especially in steep terrain, were up to par.  So I went to the best -- skiing legend Dan Egan.  I learned a lot, got comfortable in steep, scary terrain, and have kept in touch with Dan since.  Check out the podcast and check out the Alps and Meters website, too.

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Should you hire a ski guide?  If you're not sure, check out this Visit Utah article.

January 2021

Megan Michelson wrote a great article for Visit Utah Magazine about why hiring a ski guide is worth your time and money.  She interviewed my friend and adventure partner, Caroline Gleich, and  me. 

I mean, I'm biased being a guide and all, but I think we gave a case for hiring a guide, especially in a year where the Utah snowpack has been deadly.

Ever heard of WNDR Alpine?

January 2021

I'm so proud of being able to join the FOW team at WNDR Alpine ( photo made it in right next to ski legends Matt Sterbenz and Pep Fujas)! 

This is a newer ski company based here in Salt Lake City and they just became a Certified B Corp (a big deal).  They're a part ski part biotech company, and use renewable microalgae in their materials.  Check them out for a much better explanation of their technology and incredible skis.

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Backcountry skiing in the Wall Street Journal?!

November 2020

This is a good article about backcountry skiing with lots of pointers and suggestions from guides around the country.  I have a few small quotes in here...which earned me my first internet trolls.  Guess that means I've really made it ;-)

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Finally...the full Outside Magazine Piece on our Noshaq Expedition

April 30, 2019

This is the full story of our Noshaq Expedition written by the fascinating journalist and photographer, Theresa Breuer, who climbed nearly to the top of the mountain with no previous climbing experience.  She captures much of the drama and complexity of this incredibly risky venture.  But there's still so much more.  Ask me sometime!   This story also came out in print (May 2019 issue).

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Red Bull is delicious...and they have a cool publication, the Red Bulletin.

November 25, 2018

In July and August of this past summer (2018) I led an expedition to Afghanistan's highest peak, Mt Noshaq (7500m).  It was one of the hardest things I've ever done but we were successful in guiding the first Afghan woman to the top of the mountain. Read the interview here.

I just led an expedition in Afghanistan...and the first Afghan woman summited the country's highest peak!

August 29, 2018

On August 10th history was made when Hanifa Yousoufi climbed to the top of Mt Noshaq (7500m).  Outside Magazine Online wrote a sort article (a more in-depth article is in the works).  Read more here.

Epic Journey: Iceland

December 19, 2017

Ever wondered about trolls, elves, sailboats, and skiing in Iceland?

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Where The Wild Things Play

June 26, 2017

My friend, adventure photographer Krystle Wright, made this cool film about women doing cool stuff.  It's been well received and totally worth watching!

Oprah Magazine. Nope, it's not fake news. 

February 16, 2017

"Where Are You Going?"

Another short piece about our mission in the Wrangells.

A line of hope
A Line of Hope

August 19, 2016

This is something I wrote. It was a surprisingly big effort and is a creative non-fiction piece for the American Mountain Guides Association Guide Bulletin, 2016.

Outside Online article about our upcoming Alaska ski expedition

Not dated

Not a completely accurate article but still a good, little feature of our upcoming University Peak expedition. Take two!

My Photos on NPR

December 18, 2015

In August I was hired by the American NGO Ascend Athletics to help guide the first ever team of Afghan women climbers to the summit of three new peaks in Afghanistan's beautiful Hindu Kush Mountains. 

Our story was told by NPR corresponded Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson and some of my photos can be seen here!

Our story was also documented by HBO/Vice Media.  Look for their insightful film next summer.

Sidetracked, University Peak Ski Expedition

November 28, 2015

Squeezed between trips to Europe and Asia, I spent last May in Alaska attempting to ski the ephemeral, 7000' South Face of University Peak with Jessica Baker, Sheldon Kerr, and photographer Krystle Wright. After a complicated multi day approach to reach the base of the route, most of the snow was gone and the shed cycle had taken its toll. We did climb part way up before opting to bail, narrowly avoiding the daily avalanches that swept the face from top to bottom. Mountains are always an adventure and I look forward to seeing this one again someday. Special thanks to our many sponsors.  Check out our story here.

The Old Breed: An Indo-American Expedition in the Karakoram

Not dated

This is the story of our 2011 expedition to Kashmir in search of new peaks to climb.

GunksDrinkwaterShockleys, Tomas Donoso.
Women's Movement: Ladies We Love

December 31, 2019

Wanna know more about me? Like one of my scariest days out and what it's like to live in a yurt? Read it here!

EPD ice copy.jpg
Climberism: Women of the Northeast

Not dated

Find out more below!

Climbing Magazine, High Exposure

My friend, photographer Tomas Donoso, took some cool photos and wrote a good story about the Gunks.

EmilieDrinwater, photo-JimLawyer.jpg
Adirondack Rock

Not dated

An amazing, comprehensive guidebook written by my friends and climbing partners, Jim and Jeremy.  I was on the cover of the first edition but the new, two-volume series has lots of great Adirondack photos.

Climberism: Local Legend

Not dated

I don't know about legend...but I'll take it!

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Climbing Magazine, California Flake

Not dated

Wrote a short piece for Climbing Magazine about the very classic Adirondack rock climb, California Flake. Makes me wish I cold be there climbing right now!

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New York Times, article about women and guiding

Not dated

It's an old story but it brings up some good points. Worth a read.

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