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Things to do while injured

It's been an endless and often painfully boring summer as I slowly recover from knee surgery. I guess, having never had one, I just never knew how long orthopedic injuries took to heal. But for all my complaining, and as much as I miss the structure of having a job, I've also done some things that I haven't had the opportunity to do in...years. Namely low impact watersports (floating on my back in lakes, floating on paddleboards, and floating in the city pool). For a change, I'm evenly tan which is unlike the face, hand, and ankle tan of guiding all summer. I've also been exploring our country's most famous and most crowded national parks (Yellowstone and Grand Teton!). What I haven't been doing much of: taking pictures. Sorry. Here are a few anyway:

Prismatic Springs, Yellowstone NP.

Just a little pothole, one of many. Yellowstone.

Looks inviting but at 160F, it's not.  Yellowstone.

The downside to Yellowstone: people.

Not Yellowstone.  Just a bike ride around Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake, UT.  The floating is really good here if you don't mind brine shrimp and biting gnats.

An incredibly still morning on String Lake in the Tetons.

And last but not least, I've been hanging out with my cat Ginger.  At 16, she's still a super ferocious hunter and probably the reason bird lovers hate cats.  Sorry bird lovers.

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